TonUP (UP) Launches on Bitget Launchpad

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Discover the future of blockchain innovation with TonUP (UP), a dynamic launchpad platform on The Open Network (TON). TonUP is revolutionizing how promising projects gain momentum, and it's now available on Bitget Launchpad. Embrace this opportunity to be a part of something transformative.

What is TonUP (UP)?

TonUP is a launchpad on The Open Network (TON). It is created to address the asset gap in TON and provide a supportive environment so new projects can take off successfully.

TonUP's choice to build on The Open Network is grounded in a deep understanding of TON's potential and unique offerings. TON, a high-performance Proof-of-Stake (PoS) public chain, was first proposed by the Telegram team. Built with a focus on supporting large-scale applications, TON aligns with the principles of freedom and openness of decentralization.

The technical structure of TON, employing a low-level FunC programming language and progressive sharding technology, provides TonUP with a significant edge. This translates into impressive Transactions Per Second (TPS) without the constraints faced by other blockchain networks. TON's success is evident, with over 3M active wallet addresses and a thriving ecosystem.

How TonUP (UP) Works

TonUP functions as a launchpad for promising projects on TON, aiming to fill the asset gap and provide robust support for the crypto community. Besides offering the usual IDO service, the platform introduces a novel concept, the Community Protection Plan (CPP), to safeguard the interests of IDO community members.

The CPP comprises two key components: the Liquidity Supervision Plan and the Price Protection Plan. Projects participating in the Liquidity Supervision Plan commit a significant portion of their fundraising amount into DEX to form Liquidity Pools which are jointly supervised by TonUP through multi-sig. This ensures the quality of the project and protects the community when the project goes live.

The Price Protection Plan sets a minimum price protection, offering a safety net for token prices within a specified period after the project launches. TonUP also supervises a part of the fundraising amount within this plan, providing a layer of security for investors.

TonUP is designed for a diverse audience within the crypto space. For project developers, it offers a secure and supportive launchpad, complete with marketing services and community-building initiatives. Established and new projects alike can tap into TonUP's expertise to enhance their visibility, reputation, and community engagement.

On the other side of the spectrum, TonUP caters to crypto enthusiasts and investors looking for promising projects within the TON ecosystem. The Community Protection Plan ensures a level of safety and transparency rarely seen in the crypto space, fostering a community-driven approach to decision-making.

What Makes TonUP Unique:

  • Community Protection Plan (CPP): A novel approach combining Liquidity and Price Protection Plans, ensuring community interests are prioritized and safeguarded.

  • Diverse Audience Appeal: Whether you're a developer or an investor, TonUP caters to all, offering a blend of security, support, and community engagement.

The UP Token on Bitget Launchpad:

TonUP (UP) goes live on Bitget, marking a significant milestone. It's not just a token; it's a testament to shared commitment and collective success in the TON ecosystem.

How to Participate:

  • Log In: Access your Bitget account.

  • Hold BGB: Ensure your average BGB holding is calculated from December 17 to 20.

  • Commit BGB: Based on your holdings, commit BGB for UP tokens.

  • Token Allocation: After the commitment period, allocations are calculated and distributed.

Launchpad Schedule:

  • Holding Calculation: Dec 17-20

  • Commitment Period: Dec 20-22

  • Results & Distribution: Dec 22

  • UP/USDT Trading Launch: Dec 22, 8 PM UTC+8

This is more than just a launch; it's a journey into the heart of blockchain innovation. TonUP (UP) on Bitget Launchpad isnt just an opportunity; it's a doorway to the future of the TON ecosystem. Embrace the revolution. Get UP on Bitget Launchpad now!

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