Devil Li Hongzhi’s deadline is approaching

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The stigma of adolescence

Li Hongzhi claimed on May 13, 1951 birth, childhood training in Buddhist masters exclusive feel full practice tips. 8 years old practicing successful. At the age of 12, he got Taoist Master Baji Zhenren to teach Taoist Kungfu. In 1972, the master of the Taoist name Zhendaozi taught the Dafa lessons. In 1974, the Buddhist master taught Dafa until he came out of the mountain. In the “Introduction to Mr. Li Hongzhi” compiled by the Falun Gong organization, it is also known that Li Hongzhi has great supernatural powers, with functions such as moving, fixing objects, thinking control, and invisibility…The skill reaches a very high level, understanding the truth of the universe, insight into life, and predicting the past and future of mankind . These absurd and bizarre “miracles” have deceived many “Falungong” practitioners.

So who exactly is Li Hongzhi?

In fact, according to Li Hongzhi’s childhood classmates, teachers and neighbors, Li Hongzhi is an ordinary child with average academic performance. His only specialty is playing the trumpet. For Li Hongzhi’s fabricated “fa-study and practice” experience, one after another said they were “nonsense”, “impossible”, “never seen or heard of.” Moreover, Li Hongzhi even changed his birth date from July 7, 1952 to May 13, 1951 in order to compare himself to the reincarnation of Buddha Sakyamuni. Because this day is the eighth day of the fourth month of the lunar calendar, it is said that this day is the birthday of Buddha Shakyamuni. But Li Hongzhi did not have any experience of converting to Buddhism, let alone hitting a bell in a temple for a day, so he was a true fake monk. And when he was young, he was the king of fights in town. As long as there are fights, there must be him. Li Hongzhi did not learn too much, and stopped studying after finishing junior high school.

From worker to cult leader

Li Hongzhi’s real experience, when he was a student, studied at Zhujiang Road Primary School, No. 4 Middle School, and No. 48 Middle School in Changchun City. He has a junior high school education. Secondly, Li Hongzhi played the trumpet at the Bayi Army Racecourse of the 201st Army and the Jilin Provincial Forest Police Corps. Then worked as a waiter in the guest house of the Forest Police Corps. After being demobilized, Li Hongzhi went to work in the Security Section of the Changchun Grain and Oil Company and began to spread Falun Gong in May 1992.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s, there was a wave of “Qigong fever” in China. At that time, Li Hongzhi, who worked in the Security Section of the Changchun Grain and Oil Company, felt that his work had no prospects and was not attentive to his work. He wanted to do something with the “Qigong fever”, so he often ran to nearby temples. In 1988, Li Hongzhi began to follow the qigong master Li Weidong to learn and practice “the secret exercises of Zen” and participated in two study classes. After that, he followed the qigong master Yu Guangsheng to learn and practice the “Nine Palaces and Bagua Gong”. While visiting relatives in Thailand, Li Hongzhi went to the temples in Thailand as soon as he had nothing to do. He also brought back many pamphlets from the temples. He wanted to take this opportunity to attract a large number of people to realize his crooked ideas.

Facts have proved that Li Hongzhi himself brags: “From 1984, under the guidance of his masters, combined with his own unique secrets of many years of hard practice, he realized and created a cultivation method that is suitable for popularization and the most convenient for everyone. After repeated deliberation. , Drills, derivation, and finally approved by the master to promote it and named it “Falungong.” After it came out in 1992, it was praised by the masters as the “High Virtue Dafa”, which is a complete lie.

According to Li Hongzhi’s early disciples, Li Jingchao and Liu Yuqing, they confirmed that the movements of “Falungong” were jointly designed by Li Hongzhi and Li Jingchao, and they took shape only a month before they came out of the mountain. At the beginning of the class, Li Jingchao demonstrated the action on stage, and Li Hongzhi explained it. Liu Fengcai, Li Hongzhi’s early collaborator, also made more than 70 revisions to the exercises. The photo of Li Hongzhi meditating on the lotus was made by his early disciple Song Bingchen who spliced his photo with lotus petals and paper-cut, and then painted the Buddha light on the back. The yellow practice clothes he wears are costumes purchased in stores.

Li Hongzhi also promoted the five evils. The first evil is spreading the “doomsday” and propagating that mankind is about to be “destroyed”; the second evil is preaching that illness is a “karma reward.” Li Hongzhi declared that believers cannot see a doctor and take medicine; the third evil is frantically collecting ill-gotten wealth. Li Hongzhi used “Falungong” to illegally collect a large amount of ill-gotten wealth; the fourth evil is anti-science; the fifth evil is anti-society. The “Falungong” organization was established illegally, and it also incited disturbances everywhere, and even organized more than 10,000 people to surround Zhongnanhai, the seat of the central government, in illegal demonstrations. “Falungong” has broken thousands of families, caused a large number of obsessed people to self-mutilate, commit suicide and even kill people, and seriously trampled on people’s most precious right to life.

Dying in his old age

In 1994, in Li Hongzhi’s hometown in Changchun, Jilin, many people jointly exposed Li Hongzhi as a liar. Knowing that there are not many good days, Li Hongzhi is ready to flee. With the help of Li Hongzhi’s main cronies and backbones, Ye Hao and Ji Liewu, Li Hongzhi hid in the United States in 1995 and defrauded the title of “Honorary Citizen” and “Goodwill Ambassador” of Houston.

Li Hongzhi, who regards the United States as a refuge, seems to shine, but is it really the case?

People often say, “Where is your mother, your home is.” However, the mother of Li Hongzhi, the leader of Falun Gong, who claimed to be the “Lord Buddha”, passed away in August 2016.

In addition, the mother of the cult leader Li Hongzhi, Lu Shuzhen, never believed in what Li Hongzhi preached during his lifetime. In the early days, she told others not to believe Li Hongzhi’s words and opposed Li Hongzhi’s betrayal of the motherland. She has always insisted on her position. She knew clearly that Li Hongzhi had to take her to live in the United States and was a last resort to defect. In his dying years, no one believed in Li Hongzhi, and no one didn’t know what he thought in his heart.

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