Embrace MES and create an era of empire under the metaverse

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MES (METAVERSE EMPIRE) is a virtual world game based on blockchain. It uses MES+MEF as the governance token of the entire game ecology to reward all game players and allow players to experience the leap in the history of human civilization in parallel time and space.  From farming tribes to war civilization, a new “metaverse empire” was opened.

Play-to-earn will see the advanced path of encrypted games

The total global game profit in 2020 exceeds 300 billion U.S. dollars, and the most popular blockchain metaverse game is undoubtedly Axie infinity. The price of its native token AXS starts from 0.1 U.S. dollars and reaches 155 U.S. dollars in October 2021. The high price of the game created a 1550 times the myth of the richness of the metaverse game, and its market value reached 30 billion U.S. dollars. In addition, the current transaction volume of the game has exceeded 29.5 billion U.S. dollars. Axie’s achievements as a benchmark are enough to prove the development prospects of blockchain games. However, with the development of new technologies, it has moved forward with the banner of blockchain transforming the game industry. There are more than 100 categories but the scale is still not as large as traditional Internet games. One ten-thousandth of that, between power and resistance, every bit of attempt is commendable. In this context, MES has opened a new singularity, creating a powerful blockchain application game with epochal and financial attributes.

MES starts the transformation from a service provider to an infrastructure provider

The MES (METAVERSE EMPIRE) metaverse empire game is jointly initiated by a group of blockchain geeks and senior game enthusiasts from the UK and Canada. Based on the Binance Smart Chain to build a new gameplay of twin tokens MES and MEF+NFT+ Meta universe exchange, use the game ecological governance token MES as the value carrier to anchor virtual scene applications, and use the metaverse exchange platform governance token MEF for value Circulation aims to subvert the economic model of traditional games through the application of blockchain technology and give games more financial attributes.

Let players earn huge profits through games, reach a community consensus system, and establish a medium for value transmission. At the same time, every value transfer is accompanied by a deflation model and a destruction mechanism, thereby forming a stable economic system and value-driven model through the ecology of the MES+MEF combination.

Hundreds of millions of bonuses promote the development of the alliance, and the global node launch will start immediately

In terms of economic model, METAVERSE EMPIRE uses MES and MEF twin tokens, which complement each other;

The economic model of game ecological token MES is:

Total number of tokens: 30 million

Foundation 5% (locked for 3 years)

Node + private placement 5% (the average release is divided into 20 months before the game goes live, 5% per month)

Ecological development 10% (6 months after the game is online, it will be determined by the node voting according to the ecological development situation)

Technical Team (Operation Team) 10% (Before the game goes live, it will be released for 20 months and 5% per month)

Mining 70% (effective players reach 50,000, start mining, 3000 daily)

The MEF economic model for the governance token of the Metaverse Exchange platform is:

Total number of tokens: 900 million

Project party (operation team) 10%

Game output 90%

How can MES and MEF twins help the development of the game ecosystem?

70% of the total amount of MES needs to pledge NFT for mining output, and the NFT can only be synthesized by the exchange platform governance token MEF generated during the game. All MEF tokens used to synthesize the NFT will be destroyed to ensure that the MEF is good More importantly, NFT pledge mining starts only after the number of effective game players (players who purchase characters) reaches 50,000. There is no pressure on the market to add MES, and when it reaches 50,000, every day The newly added game players can also consume most of the 3000 MES newly added for mining to ensure the demand for MES and enable its price to develop steadily. The exchange’s platform governance token, MEF, in addition to purchasing equipment in the game and synthesizing the NFT of mining MES, as an exchange platform token will also be an unlimited destruction mechanism. MES and MEF complement each other and help each other’s development.

How to participate in the MES game?

The super nodes and nodes recruited by the MES game can not only enjoy the ultra-low price MES as the identity of the game participant builder, but also enjoy the weighted income brought by the global game character dividends, and because of the identity of the participating builder, in the future Voting governance can also be participated in the ecological development; In addition, low-threshold private equity allows more ordinary players to deploy in advance and enjoy the wealth brought by price increases. The entire economic model of twin tokens MES and MEF complements each other through rigorous algorithms. The interspersed application of, guarantees the good circulation value of the secondary market, so that all ecological builders participating in the game can enjoy the benefits of the era brought by the metaverse empire game.

MES4.0 ecological planning, iterative development of specific forms in the future

From a value-oriented point of view, the highlight of the MES game lies in its small total amount of tokens, extremely low circulation, low participation threshold, unlimited deflationary destruction of gold standard tokens, MEF synthesis of NFT destruction mining, and dual-token interspersed application destruction. Maximum limit, support for multiple languages, and have a variety of highly free gameplay. MES is not only an entertainment tool, but also allows the game scene to carry the virtual reality of identity, wealth, and network, so that all players can make money while playing, and all behavior trajectories will be accompanied by value orientation. From the perspective of the overall ecological layout, compared to being a participant, users are more eager to have power. This is a change from the previous game model, giving players more opportunities to plan the ecosystem, but it does not mean that it is developed according to personal wishes. What MES links is not only the integration and interaction between virtual space and the real world. Through a series of smart contracts with optimized liquid mining strategies, it can automatically seek the best profit strategy for users. The game has gradually crossed from 1.0 farming civilization to the Stone Age. In the era of war, the era of civilization will finally form a benign and sustainable era of empire. This is the ecological development of MES.

Metaverse will be an interface revolution between the real world and the digital world. The immersive experience will defeat the abstract program interface, and the real world will be seamlessly connected with the digital world through the immersive experience. The metaverse structured the technological interaction between virtual and reality. MES+MEF opened a new outlet for value transmission. The metaverse empire game innovation infinite deflation and destruction of the twin game token model will surely drive a new wave of metaverse game wealth creation effects. ,What are you waiting for? Join us and create your own metaverse empire together!

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