Gutterglove Shares Tips for Insulating Homes From Winter Weather Concerns

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Gutterglove, an innovator in the home improvement space focused on people, products, programs, and technology, knows that weathering the winter months can be difficult. As a Tennessee-based company, the Gutterglove team deals with everything from sweltering heat to crippling winter storms each year.

Following the recent winter storms that swept through the country, Cullen Rodgers, Product Innovation Manager at Gutterglove, answered some common questions regarding winter-proofing the home. Follow his advice to prepare yourself for the next weather front.

What are some gutter issues homeowners might expect in the winter?

In very cold climates, snow build-up, ice formation, and overflow due to clogging can all cause gutter issues. Ice damming, while not a gutter or gutter guard issue, can also be very serious as well. Ice dams, which are ridges of ice that form at the edge of a roof, are a direct result of poor or insufficient attic insultation. As heat escapes the roof and melts the snow, the drainage can back up at the edge of the roof where ice damming occurs. This can cause water to back up and potentially enter the home. Ice damming is not caused by gutters or the installation of gutter guards, but it is sometimes unfairly attributed to them due to their proximity to the problem area.

Are there any preventative steps homeowners should take to safeguard their gutters in the winter?

Unclog gutters if you do not already have high quality gutter guards to protect them from debris buildup. Install gutter guards that can sustain the weight of snow your region may experience. To help prevent ice damming, make sure your roof is properly insulated. Note that some homeowners who experience ice damming or icicle build-up choose to address the issue with heating elements installed on the roof or gutters. Always consult with a licensed electrical contractor in good standing to install any heating products.

Is there a risk of water freezing in gutters? What other issues can frozen gutters lead to?

Snow can build up in a gutter or on top of gutter guards and freeze. A securely attached gutter and gutter guard that can sustain heavy weight is an important consideration for homeowners. Unclogged gutters that allow water to drain properly during thaw are essential.

What types of yearly gutter maintenance should occur in the winter?

Make sure gutters are securely attached and in proper working condition. It is also important to clean out gutters if gutter guards have not been installed and sweep or blow off any visible surface debris if guards have been installed. We talk a lot about fire safety in the fall, flood preparedness in the spring, and heatproofing in the summer, said Rodgers. We need to think about the havoc that winter weather can wreak on our homes, too, especially in areas that dont frequently see snow and ice. I hope this information can help new homeowners avoid damage as we move through the coldest months of the year.

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Gutterglove is an innovator in the home improvement space focused on people, products, programs, and technology. They manufacture gutter guards and accessories designed to protect any home, regardless of roof type or gutter size, with both do-it-yourself and professionally installed product options. Their innovation extends beyond products into new programs and technology that deliver seamless support to customers and contractors nationwide. Starting in 1996 as a gutter cleaning business, the team at Gutterglove noticed that many of the gutter guards on the market could perform better. Gutterglove explored new designs, the best materials, and customers' needs to create an extensive patented portfolio of the highest quality gutter guards available. Gutterglove is proud to offer the Nation's Most Trusted Gutter Guards.

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