OVO, Pioneered the first global standard for digital copyright certification – Dual Copyright Inspection Mechanism (DCIM)

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It is reported that OVO (The Only Value Observation) global digital copyright service platform is expected to make its first public appearance on July 3 based on the “dual copyright inspection mechanism” digital copyright service platform, which provide a solid infrastructure for a wide range of creators’ economies. Recently, Japan’s famous two-dimensional character “Nyathees” has concluded an IP licensing cooperation agreement with OVO’s global digital copyright service platform.Starting on July 3, 2021, “Nyathees” collection cards will be auctioned on the OVO platform.At the same time, the OVO platform will airdrop the “Nyathees” card to users during the auction.In addition, OVO is negotiating with major IPs such as Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh, Saint Seiya, JOJO’s Bizarre Adventure, Hatsune Miku, etc., and will continue to disclose relevant information in the future.

  1. About OVO platform

  OVO (The Only Value Observation) is a digital copyright global service platform that focuses on digital copyright issuance, digital copyright trading, digital copyright derivative finance, and digital art exhibition. Provide users with a one-stop management solution for global digital copyright applications, realize the layout of the entire industry supply chain from copyright issuance, trading, auction, and circulation, help traditional copyrights get on chain, and expand the potential dividend value of copyright application channels.

2. Dual Copyright Inspection Mechanism (DCIM)

  “Dual Copyright Inspection Mechanism (DCIM)”, that is, the OVO standard is to issue the underlying “Authorized NFT” based on the authorization cooperation agreement signed by the IP copyright licensor and the authorized party, and then issue the “Copyright” anchoring the artwork based on the “Authorized NFT”, all copyright and distribution information are publicly available on chain databases and cannot be tampered with.The dual copyright inspection mechanism established in this way can protect the rights and interests of IP copyright authorizing parties and authorized parties.In addition, OVO platform also carries many first-line brand cooperation strategies and famous artist alliances,  as well as a powerful copyright advisory mechanisms to build the authority of the licensing cooperation agreement, and gradually improve the brand image.

Looking at the leading NFT trading platform, there is no clear industry standard. And it has not been clearly defined whether the NFT purchased by the user is proof of the purchase of copyright or ownership, and there is even no statement on the rights and interests. Moreover, users cannot verify the authenticity of IP copyrights. This will inevitably cause various problems and lead to confusion in the NFT market. The “Dual Copyright Inspection Mechanism (DCIM)” and “Third-Party Advisory Panel Mechanism” industry standards initiated and established by OVO for the first time can be described as a milestone innovative experiment and the first historical innovation to introduce an industry standard.

In the future, the OVO platform will start from the Japanese market and gradually cover the art collection markets in the Asia-Pacific and Europe and the United States. Virtual reality technology (VR technology) will be deeply integrated into the OVO gene to complete the global virtual asset circulation value consensus.

3. NFT derivatives services and Hermes cross-chain applications leading to Metaverse

  OVO provides a variety of NFT derivative services, such as DeFi liquidity mining, lock mining, auctions, copyright transactions and derivative product transactions, lucky blind combination (with card synthesis and decomposition functions) and so on.

  The OVO platform will start to develop the Hermes system in version 3.0, which is a cross-chain application for all existing meta-universes. The digital copyright issued under the dual copyright inspection mechanism and its various derivatives will be connected to various Metaverse series platforms through Hermes. In addition, in the three-dimensional virtual space, everyone can use a virtual identity (Avatar) to reshape their own identity. In Metaverse A, the user can be a tree, in Metaverse B, the user can also be a kitten, and perhaps in Metaverse C, you can also experience outer creatures… Users can experience a different life in the countless existing  Metaverses.

Therefore, a traditional philosophical question arises. That is, “I” is acting as different identities (avatars) in different meta-universes. How to prove the existence of “I”? In fact, the answer is very simple, that is N-di. OVO will define a unique initial identity N-id for each user. According to the N-id, different roles can be experienced in various meta-universes.

4. OVO Museum of Modern Art (Metaartia)

  If artists want to sell works or copyrights, they need to pay high fees to  intermediaries to achieve certain goals. This prevents most artists from maximizing the profits , and unable to  show their works on a bigger stage.

OVO built a modern art museum (Metaartia) based on blockchain smart contracts. “Metaartia” can include various concepts and things, such as mainstream art forms and non-mainstream art forms. As a contemporary digital art museum open to the world, “OVO METAARTIA The Museum of MetaArt” is based on “Essence = what is it?” “As a starting point, we will introduce to you creative activities  such as artworks, designs, structures, etc , which are generated in different regions with sensibility, form (material or non-material),sound, digital, text, and so on.

And according to the characteristics of NFT non-fungible tokens, it not only effectively solves the problem of disintermediation, but also allows artists to maximize their interests. Artists can also promote their works globally and interact with fans in a virtual space. In the future, OVO will introduce VR technology to the art galleries competing with traditional art galleries, which can provide artists with a higher degree of freedom and free creation space.

5.Japan’s famous two-dimensional character “Nyathees” will be listed on OVO’s global digital copyright service platform for the first time

It is reported that Japan’s two-dimensional character “Nyathees” has concluded an IP licensing cooperation agreement with OVO’s global digital copyright service platform. Starting on July 3, 2021, “Nyathees” collection cards will be auctioned on the OVO platform. At the same time, the OVO platform will airdrop the “Nyathees” card to users during the auction.

【Nyathees public auction and airdrop schedule】

【The number and types of auctions of Nyathees】


【OVO Official Website】:ovo.space

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