Riding on the momentum, TAU regenerated value

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In any form of traditional banking, trust, security and privacy are all necessary to maintain user engagement. Traditional banking and financial services require trust in central institutions for reliable mediation and custody. From the user’s point of view, this display of trust dramatically increases the cost of add-ons.

On the other hand, in traditional financial systems around the world, there are more obstacles: inefficiencies created by verification procedures and middlemen, high risk of misoperation, and high barriers to entry. In addition, the arrival of the black swan of COVID-19 has cast a shadow over the traditional financial system, which is already struggling to develop.

With The expectation of The global financial market and people, The akashic Foundation and Around The Universe Labs founded in California, according to The concept of DeFi+NFT, Jointly created a new integrated financial system — The Track around The Universe (TAU). TAU aims to establish an ideal free market financial system, allowing all parties to store, trade and transfer value under The premise of minimizing risks and costs. And do to stimulate and guide the global economic market.

Super financial public chain——The Track around The Universe(TAU)

After several years of research and economic model exploration, Around the Universe Labs decided to combine DeFi+NFT and sustainable smart contract to create the most free and open financial service platform, while increasing the circulation of digital assets while maintaining the existing advantages of blockchain system. It provides users with one-stop financial services integrating asset management, financial derivatives, lending market, decentralized exchange and so on. Systemically, TAU has the following advantages:

Decentralized:TAU does not need to trust intermediaries, and trust is completely based on code. Anyone can build new financial products on the protocol and participate in them, and maintain high security;

High free、Open:Any user can participate in the TAU ecosystem with smart devices from anywhere to use efficient peer-to-peer transaction processing power and cross-border finance;

Highly liquid market:There is a free tokens circulation market in the TAU ecosystem, which brings high value-added asset circulation capacity to users. The more users participate, the greater the market potential;

Sustainable and circular ecology:With sustainable smart contracts, TAU has built a self-clearing and recycling system within the ecosystem. Transactions within the ecosystem are always in a preheated state. When any trade request is submitted, the smart contract will immediately respond and complete the trade;

Applicability of physical industry:TAU is not only the future possibility of the financial industry, but also applicable to the traditional real economy. Through the sustainable intelligent contract and commodity rights confirmation system, it provides low-cost, high-security industrial economic system for supply chain, commodity circulation, physical network and other links.

High-performance network, infinite expansion space and diversified system ecology lay the foundation for entering the metaverse.

The TAU are ready,embrace the virtual reality world of the metaverse in the future. The metaverse also has an independent economic system based on fundamental rules. The universal trajectory can add value to the business, industry, adventure, creation and many other fields of the metaverse.

For example, users in adventure games can use TAU’s TAU pass card to trade for items they need; TAU is used in commercial transactions to complete the delivery of goods; Convert fixed assets held in the metaverse into TAU and enter the market for trading and so on.

We can imagine a future metaverse in which any user can use TAU pass card for business transactions, entertainment payments, and even hard currency for adventure games. At this point, the financial system TAU intends to build can be realized in the real sense.

At a time when all kinds of decentralization concepts are popular, the huge value and financial reform brought by TAU have brought new winds to the industry, and we can have a glimpse of the general picture of the super financial public chain system. The arrival of TAU, so to speak, is the future of infinite value.

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Alex Jacob

Alex Jacob

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