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Bitcoin mines are no stranger to the majority of miners. The mines have been operating stably for more than four years and have rich experience in mine management and maintenance. Star Miner has eight major mines located throughout China, which are distributed in Sichuan, Mongolia, Yunnan, and Yunnan. Guizhou, Xinjiang and other places. The mine is next to the power plant, and the electricity resources are also directly supplied by the power plant and there are signed contracts. The mining pools are Bitmain and Fish Pond. Bitmain is the world’s largest mining pool, which can guarantee stable income. The strength of our platform As you know, China has deployed nearly 300,000 mining machines. There are countless customers buying computing power on our platform, and the platform’s revenue is also very high. Moreover, our mines are generally established through the local government’s investment promotion. For example, the Erenhot mine, the destination of the fourth mine trip, is the “digital port” project introduced and constructed by the local government, so power supply and project stability , All very good.

Interstellar Miner is the only cloud computing power mining platform in the world that organizes user mining trips every 2-3 months to conduct on-site inspections.

Having said that, friends who are not involved in mining can carefully compare other platforms on the market. Security and income stability, “star miner” is absolutely second to none.To The electricity used in the mine is mainly thermal power and hydropower. Thermal power is mainly concentrated in Sichuan and Inner Mongolia, and the price is relatively stable; hydropower is mainly concentrated in Sichuan, Yunnan and other places. Due to the seasonal influence, Sichuan and Yunnan have high water periods and low water periods. The price of electricity is cheap during the high water period and the price is expensive during the low water period.

During the low water period, some mining opportunities are shut down for storage. When the high water period is reached, if mining can continue to make profits, the miners will restart the mining machine.

Star miners in China has been fully developed, and now it is ready to open the international market. There will be a lot of preferential activities in the early stage. Participating in mining will be very profitable, and the purchased computing power can also be profitable every day!

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