The Entrance of the Metaverse: IUT Makes the Future Imaginative

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Increased 5G construction has seen the historic moment when the network bandwidth speed exceeded that of the local storage media reading and writing in science and technology. The cloud computing-based NFT game scene has shown the first application scene of great value in the 5G era, with low latency, high resolution, terminal crossing and cloud-network integration.

It is generally believed in the industry that NFT games are the time gate leading to the next-generation mainstream computing platform on the Internet——Metaverse. If you travel through the gate, you will come to the Metaverse. Now, 5G is rapidly popularized, smart TVs are increasingly penetrated into people’s life, and the hardware and software conditions are gradually mature. Under this background, the consumer gaming market with iteration and evolving of graphics computing technology is promoted to develop.

“Countless people are eager to know the definition of the era next to the Internet age, and the field where the next giant will generate. For the moment, Metaverse provides us with a vague and correct direction, forming a powerful social consensus.”

What exactly is the hot “Metaverse”?

As a deeper practical application of virtual reality technology, Metaverse refers to where the Internet is developed ultimately.

The concept of Metaverse derived from science fiction. It also refers to the “ultimate form” of the Internet. The term Metaverse comes from the science fiction novel Snow Crash written by Neal Stephenson. This novel described a world where people use their virtual images to interact with varied software in a three-dimensional space.

In concept, Metaverse consists of Meta and Verse which means Transcendence and Universe respectively. Together the later two words often refers to an artificial space which is parallel to the real world, the concept of “Transcending the Universe”. From PC LAN to mobile Internet, the Internet has created increasingly immersive experience, gradually narrowing the gap between the virtual world and the reality. Under this trend, Metaverse with maximum immersive experience and engagement may be the “ultimate form” of the Internet.

The impact of the rapid development of NFT games on Metaverse

NFT games have a share in the emerging industries of 2021. And NFT games are closely connected with the Metaverse. Games like Runescape, Minecraft/Roblox, Counterstrike, Club Penguin and even Pokemon Go show the young how to communicate with each other in the virtual world. The games also teach them key economic principles that will arouse their entrepreneurship.

Therefore, NFT games gradually resonated with Metaverse. With the help of the increasingly mature network and cloud computing technologies, NFT games are becoming more pronounced for its advantages.

In the game industry, many international giants have expressed their intention of developing NFT games and Metaverse; outside the industry, while 5G and gigabit broadband are growing at full tilt, NFT games are considered as one of the vital application scenarios under dual gigabit links.

However, so far, NFT games are still in cultivation and initial development. Compared with the traditional games, the available NFT games still have a long way to go in the game experience. As a result, the market is in desperate need of new forces to open the door to the Metaverse.

Infinite Universe

The Infinite Universe (IUT) NFT gaming platform is an integrated block chain game financial service platform based on the concept of NFT, committed to providing comprehensive services for future developers of large, medium and small games on the blockchain.

With its decentralized structure, IUT straightly and organically links the constituent molecules of the entire game ecological chain, thus realizing direct connection, lossless circulation and safe storage of individual value. More prominent services will be provided by IUT, and the fair competition of innovation, experience, technology and value in the entire game ecological chain will be restored as a result.

The IUT platform was officially launched in July 2021. Being a great success, this project has been widely welcomed by users and investors since its launch. As of October 2021, the platform has received financing of above $10 million, and scored greatly in public opinion, social media and user reputation.

IUT “Fairy Tale World” Game Platform: Offers you a fairy-tale experience

As an elf pet adoption game, “Fairy Tale World” game platform is now the main promotion of IUT and has become very popular among the industry and players the first month of its launch. The “phenomenal” out-of-circle mode of game is attracting players who love Integration/Education Simulation games. “Fairy Tale World” is  IUT’s excellent work in NFT games, and its success has undoubtedly proved IUT’s on-chain advantage in producing high-quality games and IP.

Platform Vision

It is IUT’s vision to provide one-stop on-chain services for traditional game projects, offering on-chain game developers with investment and financing services, and mobile mining, and preheating and traffic introduction services of products for game developers.

And these are to make the traditional games enter into the blockchain industry more easily, thus making game developers with dreams worry nothing about operations and funds, users have a player center to share experience and discover new high-quality projects; therefore, no opportunity of obtaining wealth from the on-chain games will be missed.

Problems to be solved by the platform

Solve the problem of homogeneity in the game industry. The IUT public chain, based on its feature of NFT, can allow game assets to run across games. The game assets on IUT are on-chain assets, which only belong to the users.

Solve the problem of high entry barriers for game development. The underlying code and tools like game script are distributedly stored, which will lower the entry barriers for the entire game industry. More users who are interested in the game industry will be able to participate in and enjoy the fun and benefit of games with no need of tedious learning and much experience.

Solve the problem of difficult game promotion. By bringing in high quality game products selected by the big date of game resource platforms and importing player assets stabilized by social interaction, ensure the fun players gain in game, and reduce the difficulties in promotion through community promotion of IUT users and excitation of TOKEN. Our goal is for better gaming experience for players and a win-win pattern!

Opening the metaverse, IUT makes the future imaginative!

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