Doctor tests positive for coronavirus at Wisconsin kids’ emergency clinic

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There was an alarm Wednesday at a kids’ emergency clinic in Milwaukee. Nearly 200 laborers and patients were tested for the coronavirus after a doctor tested positive at Children’s Wisconsin. Up until now, no new cases there.

Additionally Wednesday, the Trump administration is approaching hospitals and dentists to defer every elective method. What’s more, what’s truly stressing health care laborers is the lack of defensive gear.

“We’re concerned, we’re scared,” Dr. Pratik Parikh, a physician in Pennsylvania, told CBS News.

Health care laborers desperately battling the spread of the coronavirus is going to get some required reinforcements to their dwindling medical supplies. On Wednesday, the Pentagon declared that it will send 1 million N95 masks and 2,000 ventilators to the frontlines, yet a few doctors say it isn’t sufficient.

“We are responding to the challenges of this pandemic and keeping our patients safe — and yet we are being asked to do it without even a modicum of effort to help us being protected in the process of doing it,” said Dr. Zaheer Shah, a primary care doctor in Arizona.

“We need to get personal protective equipment because we’re going to lose our workforce if we don’t,” emergency room physician K. Kay Moody told CBS News.

As the quantity of coronavirus cases spreads, so are the gear deficiencies. A few doctors and emergency clinics are approaching the government to release supplies from the national stockpile which now has 30 million surgical masks and 12 million N95 respirators.

“We’re all experiencing the same fear,” Dr. Hala Sabry, a physician in Southern California, said. “We want to protect our patients, we want to protect our children, but we don’t have the support. We don’t have the means. We don’t have the resources, and so this is our plea for help.”

“I think that we forget that physicians and nurses and health care professionals are human too,” Moody explained. “We walk to the bedside like we always do, but now we are knowing that we are not protected and we’re facing our death …”

There are 1 million medical doctors in the U.S. what’s more, those 1 million masks are a beginning, however likely a drop in the bucket of what will be essential relying upon where this pandemic goes, also other health care professionals around the globe.

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Lisa Wright

Lisa Wright

Lisa Wright is a professor, researcher and clinical psychologist, best known as a research scholar on spirituality in psychology. She writes news as well.