HEBE International-We are determined to create a global chain that provide customers with professional skincare management

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HEBE INT’L is hold by a listed company in Korean Exchange (KRX), it is one of a strategic alliance of Korean aesthetic industry giants, and a leading professional aesthetic company in Korea, China, and ASEAN. HEBE INT’L was established in 2016 in Gangnam, Seoul. It includes from skin health, cosmetics brands operation, aesthetics products education, cutting-edge aesthetic medical devices right through to beauty end users. HEBE Int‘l providing clients with high-quality treatments for their personal attractive appearance, with professional Korean dermatologists and therapists teams, The HEBE INT’L has becoming one of a representative aesthetics companies in Korean beauty industry.

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Brand Origin 

HEBE, the daughter of Zeus and Hera in ancient Greek mythology and the goddess in charge of youth, is in an eternal youthful and vigorous state . It is right from this myth that our brand-HEBE International – originates, and we are committed to carrying out this career of youth and beauty to the very end. 

HEBE INTL 品牌故事 英文

 HEBE International has also established branches in New York,U.S.A; Shanghai, China; Melbourne, Australia; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; and Tokyo, Japan. In order to create globally competitive skincare center brand, with the concept of “ caring attentively for your beauty”, it specializes in helping clients restore and enhance their confidence and beauty by providing the latest and effective treatments. HEBE focuses on the advanced management system from the headquarter to franchises, valuing the company’s wide range of beauty services and culture, education background and experiences of doctors and professional training of therapists, HEBE has won the trust of more than 100 stores worldwide for consistent cooperation.

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In 2019, HEBE International joined hands with ChuangChuang Group, established the HEBE International (China) brand operation center in Shanghai for deepening the knowledge in terms of brand education, business strategic management, aesthetic products, procedures, the beauty-related industry ecology to provide a full range of informative platform for local and global cooperation.

HEBE International has more than 100 branches and training centers serve tens of thousands customers, covering more than 120 cities around the world. HEBE International is committed to providing new advances that meets the highest standards of excellence and focusing on people’s unique needs with personal attention, and help customers achieve the beauty they have been always looking for. HEBE INT‘L aims to expand the number of branch locations to 5000 in three years. We are determine to create a global chain that provide clients with professional skincare management.


HEBE International Founder: Zhao Chao

HEBE intl founder

   HEBE International Development History  

   In 2014, the beauty training and a semi-permanent aesthetic training academy were established; 

HEBE INT'L skincare center2

   In 2015, the Skin Care School was opened;

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   In 2016, HEBE International, Ltd. was established in Gangnam,Seoul, South Korea;

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   In 2017, HEBE International skin care centers global branches exceeded more than 30, and HEBE subsidiaries were established in Malaysia and Southwest China;


HEBE INTL hosted the 2017 Malaysia K-BEAUTY OLYMPIC Global Beauty Competition, Zhao Chao, founder of HEBE International, delivered the opening speech.

HEBE INTL Cooperation

HEBE INTL hosted the 2018 Thailand K-BEAUTY OLYMPIC Global Beauty Competition, Zhao Chao, founder of HEBE International, delivered the opening speech

HEBE INTL Cooperation 2

In 2018, HEBE international global franchises expanded to 80. In the same year, the branches were established in New York, Australia, and Tokyo, Japan;


In 2019, HEBE International’s global strategic chain network exceeded 100. In the same year, it was invested by Chuangchuang to establish the HEBE International (China) brand operation center in Shanghai 

  HEBE INTEL“3H” philosophy :Humanity; High Quality; Honesty  

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HEBE INT’L is not for the purpose of buying and selling products and services, we devote our sincere heart with lifelong passion and responsibility;

Our team of professionals and staff believe that informed clients are better equipped to make decisions regarding their health, beauty and well-being.

HEBE is not like other brands, it is for your personal use, we have created an extensive clients library covering an array of beauty educational topics.

We are honest, only use genuine products and services,always communicate honestly with clients to solve root problems.HEBE INTL 大会的副本HEBE INT’L VALUE 


HEBE INTL brands collectionHEBE INT’L Three Advantages in Management System  HEBE INT’L Whole Shop SI Design  

HEBE INT’L Top-Level Medical Devices.  HEBE INT’L Eight Core Empowerment Systems 


HEBE INT’L Three Advantage Management Systems  


HEBE INT’L Skin Care Centers


HEBE INT’L strategic partnerships


HEBE INT’L Scalp Management and Prenatal and Post-natal Care 

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 hebe int'l skincare model

HEBE INT’L:Caring Attentively for Your Beauty .

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