Leading The Era Of ETH2.0, ETH Gene Creates A New Decentralized Interest System Ecology

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Throughout the history of world civilization, mankind has experienced the agricultural revolution, industrial revolution, and information revolution successively. Every industrial technological revolution has had a huge and profound impact on human production and life. The 5000-year farming civilization and 300-year industrial civilization of mankind have become the past. When the wheel of history enters the 21st century, mankind has ushered in a new form of civilization-digital civilization, which is also called the post-industrial civilization era or the information era. Digital civilization has caused fundamental changes in the methods and concepts of information dissemination and cultural consumption.

Global social development has entered the fast lane, and mankind is ushering in the fourth wave of revolution-the era of digital economy represented by block-chain technology. The global economy is increasingly showing digital features, and society is entering a new stage marked by digital productivity. Digital technology has become the key direction of a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation. Digital transformation provides an important engine for cultivating new drivers of economic growth. Digital economy has become an important part of building a modern economic system.

According to Research And Markets report, by 2025, the global block-chain technology market is expected to reach 57.641.3 billion U.S. dollars, with a compound annual growth rate of 69.4% from 2019 to 2025.

Throughout every time progress, it is inseparable from the leading of transformative technology. Block-chain is the revolutionary technology of today’s era. Block-chain is the product of the digital economy era, and all walks of life are digitizing. In this process, the block-chain enables the credible circulation of digital assets, and smart contracts play a major role in the block-chain.

ETH (Ethereum) is an open source public block-chain platform with smart contract functions. Anyone can build a decentralized application that interacts with ETH and various tokens on the platform. At the end of 2020, ETH2.0 will be launched soon. ETH2.0, also known as ETH 2 or “Tranquility”, is the next major upgrade of the Ethereum block-chain. The development trajectory follows a four-step strategy: Frontier, Homestead ), Metropolis, Serenity. Compared with ETH1.0, ETH2.0 adopts POS consensus, the upgraded version of POW, and the change of consensus, bringing about a subversive change in the economic model of the entire Ethereum, creating a fairer network environment and creating unpredictable users Growth and economic growth improve overall security and scalability, and are more energy efficient. ETH2.0 is the largest open source work in the history of the cryptocurrency field, aiming to deliver a new system that can meet the expected goals of Ethereum.

Based on the upcoming launch of ETH2.0, in order to further promote ecological construction, plan ahead, reserve resources, better build the ETH network, and at the same time give back to members, ETH Gene hereby launches a new generation of decentralized interest system ecology. ETH Gene is a new generation of decentralized interest system ecology based on ETH2.0 POS and centered on security, stability, openness, and transparency. The ETH Gene system adopts decentralized operations and adopts an on-chain governance model, where users can directly participate ETH gene ecological construction.

ETH Gene is committed to building a global and decentralized benefit-sharing ecosystem. Users can participate in ETH Gene’s fund pledge activities and share the benefits of the ecology. The ecology includes mechanisms such as stop loss reincarnation and incremental engines, which can affect the ETH gene. Precise regulation of users’assets ensures the stable operation of ETH genes. Ecological participants in the stop-loss reincarnation mechanism share risks, which can prevent capital risks and balance user profitability. In addition, ETH Gene multi-sign wallets based on ETH smart contract to eliminate wallet security issues and prevent fund loss. Once there is a problem with the wallet or there is no operation or transaction within 10 days, the system will expose the program and return the member’s assets in the same way. Ensure the safety of user funds.

In the future, ETH Gene will continue to expand the shared revenue ecosystem, increase the governance model on the chain, and expand the capacity to carry millions of players to participate Products; establish global nodes and develop wallets on the ETH gene chain; establish exchanges, improve the ETH ecosystem, expand cross-chain functions, support multi-currency, multi-asset transactions ; create diversified products, and build a ETH2.0-based A transparent, safe and multi-benefit shared benefit ecosystem!

In the mighty wave of revolution, ETH Gene will surely take the lead with its unique ecosystem of shared benefits, leading the ETH2.0 revolution, and the future can be expected!

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Alex Jacob

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