Introduction to Lucky Day

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The International version of Lucky Day’s eco-app was launched on December 12

Lucky Day is a pan-community-based game ecology built with the efforts of blockchain technology. Through blockchain technology, high-quality game de velopers, game platforms and game players around the world are united to re shape the value hammer of the game industry, aiming to build a truly open, t ransparent and fun blockchain game kingdom.

Two, Lucky Day game chain design

principle and implementation method

There are many giants in the game industry, and there are various risks, i ncluding industry risk, market risk, risk of core personnel loss, financial risk and so on. Making games in a decentralized corporate way may solve these prob lems in the game industry, but the existing blockchain platform, limited by hig

h transaction costs and limited computing power, is not suitable for the game industry.Therefore, we design and develop the game chain for these risks and pain points.

Lucky Day is determined to become a leader in the application of blockch

ain and games industry. A new wave of assets will be triggered around the str

ong digital capital ecosystem of games and finance industry.

As a bridge between game developers and players, Lucky Day does not charge any platform fees and returns the game distribution fees to game developers, who will have more capital to invest in research and development and focus on providing better games for the majority of players.

Traffic support

Lucky Day provides high-quality community content to the core user base of game developers by motivating players through the passbook economy.Make developers bring their own traffic fission, enjoy the platform’s internal and external traffic, increase user stickness, steadily increase user traffic, realize the positive self- governance of game ecology, and increase the conversion rate of game developers’ wisdom achievements.

Technical service

Lucky Day provides game developers with their own kits, as well as revenue solutions, marketing solutions, payment interfaces, and more. Reduce the promotion cost, improve the promotion efficiency, and lower the threshold for game developers to enter the block hammer game industry.At the same time, Lucky Day links the digital achievements to enhance the copyright protection of the game creators’ intelligent digital achievements.

Global game pan-community

Lucky Day global game community through the module combination and i nformation sharing, integration of the news, BBS, social, q&a, live online applic ation form, with their own economic incentive mode, increased the conjunction

of the players and game content creators, enhance the enthusiasm of the pla yers of the game, added the creation inspiration of game content creators, ac hieve a global game companies, developers, autonomous community league g ame players.

The global game community will continue to inject traffic into Lucky Dav a nd become the traffic aggregator for the project.

Issuance Plan

Lucky Day will be divided into four stages.

The first stage

Complete the Lucky Day!Support system, security system, cross-micro communi cation, multi-chain fusion, intelligent contract, consensus mechanism, distributed

storage and other underlying technologies.

The second stage

Get through the finance, commerce, game, mall, entertainment payment and o ther industries and applications, and establish the blockchain game industry ec ology.

The third stage

Build global community consensus and access to Lucky Day ecosystem: Build i ndependent and inspiring communities to help Lucky Da’s ecological developm ent.

The fourth stage

Carry out global market resource integration, carry out business cooperation w orldwide, promote the multi-field and multi-level application of Lucky Day, an

Lucky Day Foundation

Lucky Day will engage in the following activities:

Guide and supervise LUCKY DAY’s development and system maintenance; Adopt the best practice governance principle to promote the security and stab ility of LUCKY DAY blockchain ecosystem;

Fund activities that promote the LUCKY DAY ecosystem and related projects.

Governance Principles

The principle of LUCKY DAY Foundation is to support and coordinate the resources of blockchain community, supervise and guarantee the norm al operation of LUCKY DAY ecology, and help people better understand th e changes brought by blockchain technology and the development of LUC KY DAY project.To promote the use of blockchain and related technologies by LUCKY DAY enthusiasts, developers, regulators, technicians, practitioners and users around the world through joint efforts in education and publicit y campaigns.

Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee will consist of at least five members, including at least one LUCKY DAY member and at least two independent advisers.At least f our meetings a year. Advise LUCKY DAY members on their governance.In orde r to ensure continuity, the initial terms of office of members of the Committee are 1 – and 2-year. After that, all advisers will serve two-year terms.LUCKY DAY

members will be responsible for appointing or dismissing LUCKY DAY’s manag ement team.The LUCKY DAY program assigns a treasurer and a legal director t o be the initial management team for LUCKY DAY.

The management team will be responsible for: legal and financial manage ment. Oversee the authorization management process, covering application ma nagement, financial tracking and reporting, and operational delivery and report ing. Periodic reports to the Advisory Committee.

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